Spiraling Blossoms

A person sits below a tree of pink blossoms reading a book.by Flora Huang
Art by Carrie An
Issue: Phosphene (Summer 2019)

The branches blush
As thousands of individual blossoms bloom,
A flush canopy of crepe paper blooms-
enchanting ephemerally,
a rosy-pink gauze pulled over our eyes

Against the knotted trunk
a seat worn and scruffed by the generations before
I gaze at the petals with the silk over my eyes
Observing more with the blindfolded contemplation of the whole
than from the scrutinizing of individuals

The sakura blossoms still dance wistfully through my vision,
chased away by the spring breeze
I realize that like the cherry blossoms spiraling in the air,
Our lives are fleeting moments of delicate beauty