Endless Nile

Endless Nile

Christine Wang

*adapted from a poem originally by Emily Dickinson


My kiss could heal his broken hopes

 My kiss could give him wings

but even if I share my heart

 somehow his pain still clings


My kiss is for his sorrows

  that wet my pristine sleeves,

One crimson gash upon his heart

  Two dull eyes full of grief.


Finally his walls come tumbling down

 but that crafty, crafty thief

 She sneaks back in so quietly

  and steals my kiss’ relief


And come daylight, sunshine wakes me,

  with morning doves that sing

To tell me a new day has come,—   

  But his love for her still stings,


My tears drip down so desperately

  The mourning doves still crow

I stay to heal, I stay to love

   But to him, does it not show?


Though I kiss away his tears

  mine still stain my face

The tears from times I cried for him,

  my heart can’t bear the taste


Yet as he heals, I heal as well

  At least that’s what I say

But day-by-day, my kisses run out

  There’s only one left today


It’s my very last, there’ll be no more

   to soothe his longing grief

   or trace his long lost smile

The streaming trail upon his face

  the endless, endless Nile.


Today my kiss, it does not help

  and the Nile still does flow

  but when I see his longing tears

  A kiss is all I know.