We proudly present our 2021-2022 officer team!

Lillian Fu (she/her)
Editor in Chief
"currently aspires to become a shut-in author plateauing in her mid-30s"

Helina Li (she/her)
Poetry Editor
"plans everything then wings most of it"

Elizabeth Cheng (she/her)
go get a frEeaking jOooBbb!!!!!"

Akshara Taraniganty (she/her)
Co-Production Manager + Webmaster
"why are we called vertigo"

Joy Song (she/her)
Co-Art Editor
"is slowly losing her hair"

Alisha Bose (she/her)
Prose Editor

Jiatian Yuan (they/them)
"ask me about my wildfire playlist"

Hannah Chung (she/her)
Public Relations

Isabelle Lee (any pronouns)
Co-Production Manager
"is your learning curve a horizontal line?"

Kristin Zhao (she/her)
Co-Art Editor
"bae,,, get it together"