We proudly present our 2020-2021 officer team!

Ria Chaudhary
Co-Editor in Chief
"caffeine addict + convertible driver"

Lillian Fu
Genre Editor
"has bad taste in mooncakes"

Elizabeth Cheng
Webmaster and Treasurer
"itstshsh cHeWsday innit?"

Melissa Chen
Co-Production Manager

Christy Yu
Co-Art Editor
"racc and roll"

Suphala Nibhanupudi
Co-Editor in Chief
"is probably watching Pride and Prejudice (1995) for the billionth time"

Alisha Bose
"dumb but not stupid!"

Alisa Lu
Public Relations
"frog obsessed"

Helina Li
Co-Production Manager
"plans everything then wings most of it"

Joy Song
Co-Art Editor
"is trying to not look like a weird dork"