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Hellooo and welcome to Vertigo Art! We are a group of artists that are passionate about expressing ourselves through visual art. We collaborate with the writing team for each issue and also annually produce an All Art Issue, where we create pieces based on a certain theme or color palette. This year, we hope to expand our team and become a tight-knit group through lots of team bonding : ) We plan to hold many workshops so that every member can improve their art by taking constructive criticism from their peers. You can apply to become a Vertigo artist here!

Whether you’re an artist that’s part of the team or a visitor who’s curious about our art, we hope that you can enjoy the pieces that we’ve all put a lot of time and thought into. Thanks for visiting!

Joy Song and Christy Yu,

Vertigo Co-Art Editors

Art by Christy Yu, April Fools (2020) 

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