Kalopsia (Winter 2023)


Kalopsia (n.) - the delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are

Editor's Note

Editors-in-Chief, Kyrsten & Annie

Kalopsia – the delusion of something being more beautiful than it really is.

Beauty lives in the mind’s eye. It’s beholder: a storyteller, tasked with weaving the threads of truth together like tapestry, and capturing Kalopsia.

As 2023 comes to a close, it is with great delight that we bring you our annual Winter issue, Kalopsia. This year, our Vertigans had the chance to volunteer at San Francisco’s annual Fleet Week, working the ever-popular merchandise booth where hats and jackets flew like the planes printed upon them. We fell back into a rhythm with workshops at Peet’s Coffee, and picnics outside the Cupertino Library. 

We’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to share what we’ve been working on! So we invite you, our reader, to dive below the surface of the fishbowl and taste the sweet sheep candy this issue has to offer. Bid adieu to water striders and hello to symphonic violin romance; rise with Icarus’ waxen wings, and set with the last light of the sun. 

Deception lurks in the in-betweens, so we urge you read closely and carefully. After all, we know better than anyone that something can be more beautiful than it seems.

Table of Contents


Hannah Liaw – Invisible

Maya Swaminathan – black swan pas de deux

Allison Lin – Enmity

Michelle Jiang – the soil of which flowers grow upon

Alex Cotterel – untitled

Annie Yao – Setting Sun

Anton Zhou – Home

Aanya Mishra – serpentine

Julia Xu – Isn’t That Just What A Story Is?

Helena Ho – Pictured

Amber Lai – media

Lorie Wu – Illusions

Mia Liu – final departure

Samantha Tang – idol

Emma Ha – Water the Garden

Chelsea Li – Untitled

Elle Gasper – Fabricated

Torxia Xu – Fish Bone


Crystal Zhu – sheep

Daphne Zhu – bitterweet

Bethanie Lee – fish

Emma T – dissonant

Emily Pedroza – Skimming Fishbowls

Christina Zhou – who are you when you’re not performing

Madeline Chang – sandcastle

Dorothy Ko – lost in the flower fields

Sophia Zhang – The Cliff’s Serenade

Olivia Tu – Fleeting Snapshots

Daniel Wan – The Glass Half Empty

Angelina Feng – fish tank

Charlotte Bolay – Disconnect

Charlotta Dai – Instructions from the photographer