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I am not an editor. None of them have been heard from since this Friday. The other officers rang their phones and rang their doorbells. Only silence answered. Even gone, their overbearing presence fills the room like the death of a rich uncle, expanding until the dead air chokes us all.

So while the editors sit unconscious on my bare hardwood floor, strapped back-to-back, with burlap bags thrown hastily over their heads, I type. “Welcome to Vertigo’s 2021 Halloween issue,” I type. “Where day is night, wrong is right, and tyrants pay for their sins,” I type. “Enjoy omnipresent monsters, a game show, a romantic demon, and justice served on a sticky-sweet Halloween platter.”

Ten fingernails click-clack at the keyboard. Thirty fingernails scritch-scratch at my conscience.

Silence nods its heavy head at what I am about to do.

spooky pieces...


Michelle Jiang – a couple of spoopers

Olive Li – Enchanted

Jennifer Lee – Flower of Death

Henna Mahmood – Ghost

Joy Song – Halloween

Kristin Zhao – Lost Bride

Hannah Liaw – Magic

Annabel Qin – nebula

Natalie Yang – Pumpkin Doll

Vivian Chen – Untitled

Nina Pan – Wilted Beauty

Annie Yao – Witch

Helena Ho – With Friends!



Isabelle Lee – All the Devils are Here

Jiatian Yuan – Death Meatl…

Akshara Taraniganty – fluff

Riya Abiram – Goodbye, Miss Bright

Daphne Zhu – hallucinating

Kyrsten Su – His hunt

Sophia Cho – It’s Halloween, After All

Isha Shah – my fellow misunderstood

Lina Mezerreg – October Mayhem

Bethanie Lee – Pluto

Lillian Fu – Polly and the Demon Pt. 5

Muhammad Ashiq – sally

Elizabeth Cheng – spoopy poo

Mina Chao – The Ghost Who Lives in My Closet

Helina Li – The Monster is always present, watching

Emily Pedroza – voyage through smoke

Alisha Bose – Who Wants to Be a Pumpkin?