(n.)  a visible trace of earlier painting beneath a layer or layers of paint on a canvas

Editor's Note

With spring blooming outside our rooms and Zoom windows, we at Vertigo are proud to present our annual spring issue; the issue where our writers paint stories with their words, where artists craft worlds with their hands. The inspiration for our issue this year was Pentimento, which represents layer upon layer of hard work, frustration and inspiration that our writers and artists harness and pour into their craft.

These past few months have been abuzz with Vertigo activities, meetings, and events. We spend meetings collaborating with other members and honing our skills, but also flooding the chat with praise and love for our fellow clubmates’ pets. With April Fool’s, we indulged in wackiness and fun. Our first Open Mic gave us the exciting opportunity to hear our writers’ and artists’ creativity out loud, to feel the emotions and passion they imbued in their work. We held our second Spring Contest, where we got to enjoy the talent and creativity of our community. Outside of Wednesday meetings, we share our rewritten pieces, bond through workshops, and gush over cat pictures. At Vertigo, we celebrated our passion for art together.

So come and strip back layer after layer of poetry, prose, artwork. Meet immortals, androids, and detectives. Witness friendships that last forever and those that are fraying fast at the seams, as well as those who face the world alone. Trek through sandy dunes, see our bones, cook onions with us. More characters and worlds and stories wait for you to explore.
We give you Pentimento, and we hope you enjoy.

Vertigo Editors (20-21)

Table of Contents

august – Isabelle Lee, Kelly Yeh

A Letter – Loren Yelluas, Michelle Jiang

blood-red – Alisa Lu, Jennifer Lee

Celia – Riya Abiram

charmspeak – Akshara Taraniganty

for what? – Matthew Lu, Phyllis Lee

Gold, Silver, Bronze Bronze Bronze – Lillian Fu, Joy Song

Human Being – Jeffrey Lee, Livia Zhu

Our Painting – Melissa Chen, Ronald Sit

scaffold – Helina Li, Alice Lu

The Committee Of Capture, Knowledge, and Management of Intelligent Life Forms – Jiatian Yuan, Audrey Wong

The Last – Sophie Guan, Katherine Cui

The Mommy – Elizabeth Cheng, Grace Lu

the rule of thirds – Alisha Bose, Catherine Li

No Rest for the Wicked – Michelle Zhu, Joy Song

There is Quiet – Suphala Nibhanupudi, Julia Wang

thoughts of people and onions, and their layers – Kyrsten Su, Sophia Wu 

To Feel Within the Void – Kaylia Mai, Christy Yu

Vassal – Ethan Lin, Christy Yu

Voyager – Flora Huang, Kristin Zhao

da vinci’s song – Ria Chaudhary, Kristin Zhao

This feeling – Lina Mezerreg

The Children’s Table* – Stella Lin

ache* – Manasi Ganti

she’s wearing sunglasses (and now she can’t see the colors)* – Isha Shah

Ode to Futility* – Keshav Kannan

*winner or runner-up of Vertigo’s annual contest