Macabre (Halloween 2022)


Macabre (adj.) – having the quality of having a grim or ghastly atmosphere


Did I scare you

(I know I did)

WARNING: incredibly terrifying pieces


Annabel Luo – underlying terrors

Samantha Tang – hehe pumpkin

Vivian Chen – boo.

Mia Liu – πŸ™‚

Elizabeth Cheng – Atavistic

Aanya Mishra (corresponding writing piece by Mahati Ramakrishnan) – Chok(e) Full of Yarn

Annie Yao – Witchy Business

Henna Mahmood – Trick or Treat

Allison Lin – Boy With Pumpkins

Hannah Liaw – Ghost

Michelle Jiang – Midnight Bathroom

Anoushka Banerjee – Witch girl

Olive Li – boo

Annie Li – Ordinance

Natalie Yang– It’s Beautiful



Visruth Srimath Kandali – Grammer Bad

Chancie Chou – Business Meeting

Saliha E. Dogan – Dying as if sleeping, Loving as if fearing

Jonas Rindegard – Fwd: Better Luck Next Time

Mahati Ramakrishnan (corresponding art piece by Aanya Mishra) – Chok(e) Full of Yarn

Kyrsten Su – parasite

Sia Gupta – The Man in the Suit

Bethanie Lee – Boo

Emily Pedroza – jack-o-lantern

Elizabeth Cheng – I am afraid of making decisions

Riya Abiram, Isha Shah – Recovered Pages From: Fundamentals of Physics (8th edition) by Jearl Walker