“Light” by Jennifer Lee


oneirataxia (n.) – the inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality

Editor's Note

Before we close the door on 2020-21, Vertigo invites you to take one final journey with us. Walk the line between dreaming and waking alongside our artists and writers in Oneirataxia, an issue that fully encapsulates our most surreal year yet. 

As school days faded into summer, we used our last Wednesday meetings to bring the inaugural year of our syllabus to an end. Our final meeting had us reflect on old pieces, making clear in hindsight just how monumental each of our artists’ and writers’ growth had been. The world began its return to normalcy, and we followed suit, meeting in person for the first time and reveling in the world beyond the rectangle of our computer screens. If you by chance enter our room next year, you’ll see tens of polaroids lining the walls, us smiling under our masks and clutching our first print issue in two years in our hands. Our seniors wore red and silver cords around their necks as they walked at graduation, a symbol of their time spent with us, and still we continue to meet. Wednesday meetings are replaced by discussing summer reading recommendations and sharing moments made permanent via writing and art. 

We invite you to come share these moments with us, in this issue where stages fade into the sea and cities are caught in time. See nightmares and dreams alike brought to life by our artists, as they capture moments of falling and floating, destruction and dolls. Read the writing they inspired, and let us bring you into heaven and the Hudson, let us show you home and music made verbal. Listen to our odes to art and religion and story; live in our dreams. 

Whoever you are, however you found us, we thank you for stopping by and sharing this moment with us. Welcome to Oneirataxia, and please, enjoy your stay.

With love,

Your 2020-21 Vertigo Editors

Table of Contents

The queen of half dreams – Lillian Fu, Christy Yu

Gape – Elizabeth Cheng

Before the Ruins – Sophie Guan, Katherine Cui

Singed Spirits – Jeffrey Lee, Ronald Sit

Crib – Ethan Lin, Julia Wang

Shattered Reflection – Audrey Wong

tears – Krisalyn Satriya, Alice Lu

My Friend – Akshara Taraniganty

Descending – Jiatian Yuan, Kelly Yeh

Monsters in the City – Loren Yelluas, Michelle Jiang

weaver – Helina Li, Joy Song

Make Clouds with Me – Suphala Nibhanupudi, Angela Sun

Light – Hannah Chung, Jennifer Lee

Let Me Breathe – Alisha Bose, Catherine Li

The Gate – Isabelle Lee, Livia Zhu

Chocolate – Melissa Chen, Grace Lu

Untitled – Phyllis Lee

jordan belfort – Ria Chaudhary, Cindy He