Paramnesia (Halloween 2020)

play. the. music.

Paramnesia (Halloween Issue)

Table of Contents


Kristin Zhao – untitled

Katherine Cui – Vignette

Kelly Yeh – Pumpkin Head

Audrey Wong – The family heirloom

Grace Lu – Halloween Imps

Jamie Tan – Potions and Poisons

Julia Wang – I’m HOME

Catherine Li – A Devil’s Touch

Sunny Lu – Sunny Suit

Phyllis (Seohyun) Lee – hmm

Joy Song – Halloween

Alice Lu – Alice Stares

Ronald Sit – Bones

Jennifer Lee – purrberus

Christy Yu – poison you

Cindy He – untitled

Michelle Jiang – Halloween Dinner

Angela Sun – Halloween Candy


Flora Huang – an empty stage

Elizabeth Cheng – It’s that time of year again!

Jiatian Yuan – 613 Elm Drive

Lillian Fu – Polly and the Demon, Pt. 3

Alisa Lu – Johny’s Halloween Bonanza!

Jeffrey Lee – Commemoration

Kyrsten Su – Billie Jean, Witch Hunter

Kaylia Mai – The Dragon’s Flight

Melissa Chen – The Scarecrow

Matthew Lu – plumpkins

Ethan Lin – The Trail of Gourds

Suphala Nibhanupudi – A Conversation Abord the Express

Riya Abiram – OCTOBER 31ST 1958

Isabelle Lee – The Joker

Akshara Taraniganty – autumn: a moodboard 

Loren Yelluas – Hey sorry I’ve been distant

Alisha Bose – The Hitchhiker

Ria Chaudhary – candy

Lina Mezerreg – Absolutely Nothing

Angela Wu – A Halloween Story

Hannah Chung – fireworks on a friday night

Michelle Zhu – Under the Autumn Sun

Krisalyn Satriya – veil

Helina Li – again and again