Hey sorry I’ve been distant

Hey sorry i've been distant

Loren Yelluas

Hey sorry I’ve been distant
I don’t know what to do
I guess my presence has been fading
To a ghastly pale-ish hue
I don’t feel solid anymore
Kinda gaseous in lieu
I find myself lurking in shadows
Jumping out and yelling ,”Boo!”

Something’s off,
I’m a human girl
I shouldn’t be wailing throughout the night
Floating unnoticed through windows and doors
Just barely out of sight

Its weird that I rattle papers and chairs
Write threatening messages
on mirrors in red
It’s ketchup, not blood, I swear!

So it’s been pretty strange, you see
But i’ll figure it out soon enough
In the meantime, don’t you worry about me
You’ve got your own spooky stuff.