hiraeth (n.) - deep longing for something, especially one's home.

Editor's Note:

As clouds laced the sky, heralding the onset of winter, we at Vertigo celebrated the unusually torrential season by cozying up with friends and first drafts at our traditional Peet’s Coffee workshops. We delivered festive cheer to loved ones by way of holiday cards while pondering the meaning of home.

It is with great delight and well wishes for the new year that we present our 2022 Winter Issue, based upon hiraeth: a sense of deep longing, especially for a home which one cannot return to.

We invite our readers to roam with us in our exploration of home in the past, present, and future. Whether it be yearning for our childhood persimmons and daisies scorched, or relishing in the new births of cicadas, we captured the fervor and ballet of hiraeth in prose, poetry, and art.

As the new year waxes, we: pose one final question. To you, our dear readers, what is home to you? With Love, The Vertigo Editors <3

Table of Content


Vivian Chen – Into The Woods

Victoria Dai – Return Me To The Moon

Annabel Luo – False Paradise

Jannie Xu – Homeward Bound

Aanya Mishra – It’s All In The Past

Mia Liu – Whishes

Julia Xu – Einsam Asylum

Olive Li – Come Back

Helena Ho – Sky – Jalaxy Kat

Annabel Qin – Inheritance

Henna Mahmood – Lost

Maya Swaminathan – The Bard

Annie Yao – Koibito

Michelle Jiang – Leaving Home

Allison Lin – Wishfulness

Anton Zhou – Fourth Partition

Hannah Liaw – Lost

Samantha Tang – Long Ago



Hannah Chung – Eloise

Elizabeth Cheng – the daisy said hello to me

Crystal Zhu – Cocoon

Sia Gupta – Saturday Rain

Akshara Taraniganty – Hotel Room

Chancie Chou – Red

Visruth Srimath Kandali – Instant Camera

Keshav Kannan – Study No. 1: Urban Spatiality in Diaspora

Olivia Tu – Lemon Cake

Angela Wu – The Photographer

Kyrsten Su – Persimmon Tree

Riya Abiram – Ancestral Home

Mina Chao – Of Sands and Strangers

Saliha Dogan – Many Homes In One Heart

Emily Pedroza – About Hands

Sandhana Siva –  I don’t know

Dorothy Ko – unrequited love

Daphne Zhu – and it’s gone 

Mahati Ramakrishnan – Maternal Milk and Cloves

Bethanie Lee – winter snow