Phantasm (Halloween 2023)


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phantasm (n) — a figment of the imagination; an illusion or apparition

Editor's Note

Vertigo Editors (2023-24)

For our 2023 Halloween Issue, we at Vertigo wanted to imbue a bit of ghostly imagination in our dear readers lives: from undead zombies to paradoxically gargantuan vernacular to She-Gods, we hope you’ll enjoy the haunting artwork and even more haunting truths tucked in these pages. From our ghoulish souls to yours, happy Halloween! Don’t let the demented teddy bear bite…

Love, your editors, smiling nightmarishly at you from the dark corners of your room,

Kyrsten Su & Annie Yao



                 Aanya Mishra – Red Thread

              Xing Xi Li – do you have salami

                         Julia Xu – Ysbryd

                        Lorie Wu – Bubbles

                            Olive Li – man

            Chelsea Li – The Best Memories

                   Hannah Liaw – Character

                   Amber Lai – witch room

           Annie Yao – Blender Horror Story

 Michelle Jiang – A Candle Burnt On Both Ends

                      Elle Gasper – pumpkin pup

                     Mia Liu – The Mystery

               Emma Ha – AfterTrickorTreating

Annabel Qin – The Witching Hour

Melissa Ismelissa – A(#*&@..$z%

Torxia Xu –  Waiting



Eunice Leung – purple and orange and black

Kyrsten Su – thoughts on October

Emma Tang – Cyclic Nightmares

Emily Pedroza – o-0

Charlotte Bolay – haunted

Christina Zhou – 2 sentence horror stories

Sophia Zhang – The Scariest Thing in the World

Grace Ker – Returning Home

Madeline Chang – Coffin

Daphne Zhu – ._

Mahati Ramakrishnan – A paradoxical state of mind of blabbering