April Fools 2023!!

Ur mom's the only joke i see (jk pls don't take this down)

Editors Note: 

Hey readers!

When Shakespeare said that “proud-pied april, dressed in all his trim / hath put a spirit of youth in everything”, he was actually writing that in response to our april fool’s day issue. If you didn’t know that before, you do now! And although you don’t know the contents of this new issue yet, we believe that you will find out as you read it.

Anyway, we are very pleased to present our april fool’s day issue!!!!!!


Your editors


Chancie Chou – thatonesongyoumightpossiblyknow 

Allison Lin – Seductive Man

Mia Liu – capy

Michelle Jiang – Fish origin story


Riya Abiram – lol this is late!

Visruth Srimath Kandali – Sea Salt Caramel 

Saliha Elif Dogan – April Fools Issue

Mina Chao – My Furry Fantasy

Bethanie Lee – A poem about flowers

Mahati Ramakrishnan – Wait What