Sea Salt Caramel


Visruth Srimath Kandali

Red and white, dancing to an unknown tune
Speckles asunder, colors amalgamating
Distorted view of self (reflected in blemished mirror), in colors—housed in plastic
A confluence of creativity

Unspoken parlance—painfully pithy!
Effervescent dance deems me despondent
Resplendent mixture I envy (stares back, ennui)
My diatribe unadorned and uncared
Vitriolic responses to a pusillanimous cry

Pervicacious, I begin anew
Rococo cup, plain? beautiful?
Sycophant nevertheless
I shall join her anon—so I scry
Inchoate idea born from mind, nurtured by ego (so puissant), articulated as
ichor—through blood spilt

The object of my corpulence, I vesper for a meeting, erstwhile gossamer and
Now it rules, tenebrous and laconic
I languish, rue the circumstance

For I want Strawberry Cheesecake but I’m all outta cash