April Fools 2021

April Fools

note de les éditeurs

Vertigo Editors (2020-21)

This issue is brought to you by sleep deprivation, a turtle named ert, struggle tweets, the world’s scariest Discord server, and several dozen cooped up teenagers. And now for a message from our Editors: click here to see into the making of this issue.

As in past years, Vertigo’s April Fools issue is an unofficial light hearted issue meant to allow our members to create art without the stress of an official issue. All pieces were created with positive intentions, and we hope you enjoy!

Chair of Contents

blank column w/ a different font to make you mad

(some writing, some art, some both, some nothing at all)

Michelle Jiang – fish

Suphala Nibhanupudi – E

Lina Mezerreg – I was going to write a story

Isabelle Lee – excerpts from my ninth grade poetry portfolio

Lillian Fu – Polly and the Demon Pt. 4

Alisha Bose – go eat apple pie

Ethan Lin – Luno

Kyrsten Su – i’m not even sure he said this

Flora Huang – Lynbrook has posted a status update to your Application Portal

Jiatian Yuan, Alisa Lu, Akshara Taraniganty – VERTICLAN: THE ILLFATED DEADLY DEATHS – YIKES!

Joy Song – Happy April Fools