APRICITY (n). – the warmth of the sun in winter

editor’s note

Welcome to Apricity, Vertigo’s winter issue and our first official publication of the 2021-22 school year. As the pandemic continues to rage around the world stronger than ever, we hope our writing and art pieces can bring to you, as the title suggests, a pocket of warmth within this chilly winter.


Back on campus this year after a long time separated by Zoom screens, our Vertigans finally had the chance to meet each other in-person once again. We fell back into old traditions that were made impossible by quarantine, like our fundraiser at Fleet Week San Francisco and weekend workshops at our local Peet’s Coffee. We began some new traditions too: Apricity is our first official issue ever where writers and artists made their pieces independently. Each work displayed below is, from start to finish, an original creation of the writer or artist that it’s credited to. 


So come with us, and blink up at red suns through tree branches, peer down at snail moons in the grass, reach out and touch meteorite shards on the sidewalk. Let us show you the rains of Jupiter, lead you through hulking fossils, and dance with you across rose-choked histories. 


Countless more stories, worlds, and wonders wait for your discovery. Whether you’re a Vertigan past or present, a subscriber to our publication, or an internet trekker who stumbled upon our issue, we thank you for your time and hope you enjoy!

table of contents


Katherine Cui – At The Window

Natalie Yang – Bird

Olive Li – Blossom

Ryan Wang – Cabins in the Snow

Annabel Qin – eclipse

Jennifer Lee – first snow

Hannah Liaw – Flowers

Annie Yao – Hawk Hunter

Grace Lu – Hypothermia

Allison Lin – Into the Unknown

Alice Lu – light

Michelle Jiang – Red Sun

Joy Song – snowman

Vivian Chen – snowscape

Henna Mahmood – The Savior

Jamie Tan – Transitions

Helena Ho – untitled

Anoushka Banerjee – Winter Flower

Nina Pan – winter night



Isabelle Lee –  again

Valerie Shu –  Bittersweet Moon

Lillian Fu – Blow it Up, Kid!

Loren Yelluas – Cold

Riya Abiram – Cotton Candy

Mina Chao – Days of Snow

Bethanie Lee – Dear Abby

Helina Li – father

Jonas Rindegard – Gone by Sunrise

Michelle Zhu – house of cards

Muhammad Ashiq – i am to this world

Kyrsten Su – I hope we never part

Emily Pedroza – lost

Akshara Taraniganty – motherland

Jeffrey Lee – No. 1

Elizabeth Cheng – right next to you

Alisha Bose – Rocket Man

Hannah Chung – Snail Moon

Sophia Cho – snowing pains

Keshav Kannan – Songs of Liberation and Wine

Isha Shah – symphony no. 1, in E minor: a lover’s song

Jiatian Yuan – The Cheese, It’s Everywhere

Daphne Zhu – Unreality

Ty Hosein – when it rains

Angela Wu – your name