Aliferous (Spring 2022)


(adj.) having wings

Editor's Note

As the school year comes to an end, Vertigo is proud to present our annual spring issue—our first print publication distributed around campus in three years. With Aliferous as our theme, our writers and artists shook out their feathers and unfurled their wings as they crafted the pieces displayed on these pages.

This semester, our members performed their work at Vertigo’s first joint open mic with Monta Vista’s literary and art magazine, La Pluma. In meetings, we pushed our creativity through activities both serious and wacky. Artists and writers met up to discuss ideas for their first collaborative issue of the year, although, for the first time in a spring issue, artists had the option to create based off of the theme rather than a writer’s work. We also held our third Spring Contest, the winners of which have their submissions printed alongside Vertigan pieces. 

Besides the senior class, this is the first time our members and the current Lynbrook students are able to see our physical magazines around campus, and grab a free copy for themselves. So come with us and voyage into the fathomless depths of space, debate politics with sentient flowers running for president, touch the wax melting off of Icarus’ feathers. Meet angels both graceful and grotesque, and watch as others try to imitate their wings through metal means. See all this and much more as we take you soaring past the wildest stretches of your imagination in Aliferous. 

Table of Contents



Lillian Fu – Gimme Everything You’ve Got, Medusa Boy 

Daphne Zhu – fall or fly

Jonas Rindegard – Trailblazer

Bethanie Lee – White to Black and Red

Valerie Shu – Buying Time

Hannah Chung – Dylan’s Room

Ainai Habtom* – Duty of the Daughter



Elizabeth Cheng – Legs

Grace Lu – taxidermied

Hannah Liaw – Dream

Alice Lu – glance

Vivian Chen – Wide-eyed

Allison Lin – Butterflies

Olive Li – Spring Lights

Victoria Dai* – Reborn



Isha Shah / Jennifer Lee – Wings

Jiatian Yuan / Joy Song – Saturday Morning Edutainment

Jeffrey Lee / Helena Ho – Passing

Helina Li – the girl with the golden wings

Keshav Kannan / Annie Yao – Charles Grey, the Second Earl Grey

Elizabeth Cheng / Vivian Chen – I Dreamed of Being a Princess

Michelle Zhu / Kristin Zhao – In summer,

Loren Yelluas / Anoushka Banerjee – Palengenesis

Mina Chao / Natalie Yang – 蛻變冊

Sophia Cho / Annabel Qin – Mother Bird

Ty Hosein / Joy Song – alas

Kyrsten Su / Katherine Cui – it’s not over for you

Riya Abiram / Elizabeth Cheng – experiencing 

Muhammad Ashiq / Henna Mahmood – icarus

Emily Pedroza / Michelle Jiang – the makings of a monarch

Angela Wu / Annie Yao – Final Act

Alisha Bose – The Tale Of Black-Eyed Susan

Akshara Taraniganty / Jennifer Lee – they grew


*winner of Vertigo’s annual Spring Issue contest