Carpe Diem (Spring 2024)

Carpe Diem

                                   Carpe Diem (excl.)–– seize the day!

Editor's Note

                 Vertigo Editors (2023-2024)

Followed by our annual Open Mic in collaboration with La Pluma— hosted for the very first time at Lynbrook— a night full of bright stage lights, smiles and craft conversation, this Spring, we are proud to bring you Carpe Diem, an issue encompassing months of creative exploration into what it truly means to seize the day in our modern world.

With the help of cozy workshops at Peet’s and writer-artist collaboration, we embraced the warm weather on sun-streaked road trips, stacked stones atop each other with past loves, and enjoyed warm whispers of memories. We tasted the apples of Eden, gathered the last fragments of today, and led rebellions in the spirit of carpe diem.

We invite you to hold this issue in your hands, flip through its art-adorned pages, and feel its liveliness leak through the ink and into your life. From waltzing in the flames to enjoying cool forest shade with the Earth Mother, we truly hope that you will find something you resonate with, and bring its manifestations of light into your daily routines. We gift you paintbrush strokes and stories, light in darkness, and hummingbird heartbeats to weather your storms. We can only hope you answer the call.

So, dear reader, will you join us in seizing the day?
Love, your 23-24 Editors,
Kyrsten & Annie & Emily

Table of Contents

Aanya Mishra, Angelina Feng – This Winter’s Poppy Red

Alex Cotterel, Bethanie Lee – Split Stones

Allison Lin, Charlotta Dai – the best time to make life changing decisions 

Annie Yao, Christina Zhou – lost in translation

Anton Zhou, Daniel Wan – Ghost Parade

Chelsea Li, Dorothy Ko – last autumn i discovered the world was beautiful after all

Emily Pedroza – Night calling

Hannah Liaw, Emma Tang – delirium

Julia Xu, Grace Ker – Made of Marrow

Maya Swaminathan, Kyrsten Su, Olive Li – 17 and already dying

Samantha Tang, Mahati Ramakrishnan – Fish and Whales and Blues

Lorie Wu, Sia Gupta – A Tale of Threes

Helena, Olivia Tu – Like Grapevines

Emma Ha, Maddy Chang – Kaleidoscope

Mia Liu, Sophia Zhang – Trains and Windows

Elle Gasper, Daphne Zhu – today is a monster

Amber Lai, Eunice Leung – until the final flame fades

Crystal Zhu – Pavements

Torxia Xu – Dead by Daylight

Annie Li – THE IUDEX

Xing Xi Li – daylight

Michelle Jiang – untitled