night calling

Night Calling

Emily Pedroza

I called my grandmother last night, listened
to her raspy voice filer through K-drama
instrumentals and Candy Crush notifications.
She asked me, “have you eaten yet” & I remember
her perfectly-sticky white rice, her Yakult and Ricola
stuffed purses, how she handed out cough drops like candy.
I say yes, and pretend I’m not hungry, but I suspect
she knows this is a lie. She responds, “Be more loud,”
does not wait for one back. Recounts her day: hot
Miami weather. Randomly, she says after a pause, “I’m proud
of you.” And in that moment I am reminded of everything
I am about to lose. How do you coax a line from a heart? I’m
calling you. I want to promise you
something, but I still don’t know what.