The Cheese, It’s Everywhere

The Cheese, It's Everywhere


chapter 1, in which an urban scene is set and our unfortunate victim awakens

Oh, the night is brightly lit

    Bathed in a city glow.

Above the skyline’s silhouette

    A groggy Moon hangs low.

He yawns, he scratches, rubs his eyes,

    And drools. He cannot know:

Before him lies an ugly death

    At hands of mortal foe!

chapter 2, in which black skyscrapers loom over the pickpockets and prostitutes loitering in a sewer-lined alley, our sunglasses-and-trench-coat-clad heroine slips into a dim, unfurnished office, and is offered a contract killing from a suspicious hiring party

She takes the case, assassin on

    Her strangest mission yet.

“The Moon must die before the dawn,”

    The obese mob boss said.

Between his fattened lips he did bob

    A stubby cigarette.

“Crime is frozen still until

    that spying Moon is dead!”

chapter 3, in which our heroine ascends a high-rise hotel building alongside her dependable feline companion

Dressed in black, she bounds across

    The jagged cityscape.

A darkened form clips at her heels,

    A nimble feline shape.

They scale the walls of Rosewood Tower

    ‘til head and night sky scrape.

A rounded phase captures her gaze

    The Moon cannot escape.

chapter 4, in which our heroine observes her dozing victim

He’s chubby, he’s pallid! 

    A yellow lump of dough.

He scratches twice, and skin flakes off

    Like withering specks of snow.

His pock-marked skin is dry and thin

    But shines with sleaze and grease.

She shines her knife to end the life

    Of this man-sized wheel of cheese.

chapter 5, in which a murder is committed and our heroine’s trusty feline sidekick disposes of the remains

He screams— he shouts— a throaty howl

    As she carves away his flesh.

She stuffs his mouth with hotel towels,

    Shutting up the wretch.

The cat acts with a knowing meow

    And packs the cheesy treats

Into a rough old burlap sack

    that’s emptied on the street.

chapter 6, in which a horde of rodents eats the evidence

the Rats, the Rats! gray flowing forms,

    Slip up through slitted sewer grates.

Each holds between his hungry jaws,

    A fleshy yellow feast.

The evidence is pulverized

    By 1000’s of tiny teeth.

The Moon’s hoarse screams are crushed beneath

    Hundreds of tiny feet.

chapter 7, in which a city awakens

The old Moon’s snowy dandruff 

    blankets the sleeping citybed.

An orange forehead peeks above the ground;

    The gray horizon glows a fuzzy red.

He yawns and stretches, 

    Rubs his eyes and drools. He cannot guess

Before him lies an ugly fate—

    The Sun is always smothered in the west.

chapter next, in which it is implied that the whole thing happens again

The day drags itself forward.

Snow melts beneath the Sun’s cold stare.

She shines her knife