2023 Updates!

Hey Vertigo! We haven’t made any updates on our website for quite a while, so we wanted to check in on you all and give a bit more information on issues and events to be aware of. Expect to see more frequent posts soon 🙂

First off, Winter Issue has been published (no, this message is not like a month late, why would you even say that)! Although most of you have probably already seen your amazing pieces on our website, make sure to check them out if you haven’t. Simply click the “Hiraeth” tab under our issues and find your name. 

Additionally, our “Vertigans’ Alcove” page has recently been updated to have a wide variety of writing and art opportunities for members (all members should have access to the code needed to access the page). If you’re having trouble finding summer programs or awards to apply to, it is a great source to look into!

Lastly, keep a look out for some exciting events Vertigo is providing! You can find our specific schedule on “Vertigans’ Alcove.” 

See you next time! 

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