2023 Updates!

Hey Vertigo! We haven’t made any updates on our website for quite a while, so we wanted to check in on you all and give a bit more information on issues and events to be aware of. Expect to see more frequent posts soon 🙂

First off, Winter Issue has been published (no, this message is not like a month late, why would you even say that)! Although most of you have probably already seen your amazing pieces on our website, make sure to check them out if you haven’t. Simply click the “Hiraeth” tab under our issues and find your name. 

Additionally, our “Vertigans’ Alcove” page has recently been updated to have a wide variety of writing and art opportunities for members (all members should have access to the code needed to access the page). If you’re having trouble finding summer programs or awards to apply to, it is a great source to look into!

Lastly, keep a look out for some exciting events Vertigo is providing! You can find our specific schedule on “Vertigans’ Alcove.” 

See you next time! 

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It’s almost insane—we’ve survived a full year in-person. There were a little blips here and there, but we made it! And to celebrate, we’re releasing Vertigo’s yearly flagship issue, the Spring issue, to the wesite.

After our full production cycle and distribution since 2019, you might have seen the print issue floating around. If you didn’t get an opportunity to grab one for yourself, have no fear! Enjoy it right here, at lhsvertigo.com/aliferous!

Lastly, Vertigo would like to thank the class of 2022 for bringing their wonderful spirit to the club. Our 2021-2022 officer team planned our first in-person open mic, grew Vertigo through numerous socials, and expanded our reach to selling handmade cards for Craft Faire. Congratulations 2022 for graduating; you’re going to do great things!

Look out for our summer issue in the coming weeks. We wish you all the best <3

(Cover art: Joy Song)

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apirl foolz

the real april fools is that this was published on april second (i mean. whaaaat. ur reading the date wrong whaatt its aprilf rist. what. what. what.)

look around. we are in your walls.

hee hee

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Winter issue 2021 is here!!

*disclaimer: we know it’s 2021 very sorry for the lateness*

We’re back to our workshops at Peet’s and in-person meetings, but we’ve also strengthened our community more than we ever have in years past. Vertigo is (verti)growing, and now you can see The Results!

So, in another cold winter, we invite you to bask in the warmth of the sun with us. Our writers and artists (and webmaster btw) have worked really hard to bring this to you and we hope you enjoy <3

p.s. i chose the fonts & colors myself

p.p.s. cover art by kristin zhao we love you <3

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Halloween issue is out!!!

This Halloween, amidst the early application deadline, we thought… what is the scariest thing on the planet?

We thought of zombies. Ghosts. Haunted houses (hice?). Bloodsucking vampires. However, none of them managed to equal the terror presented by the years of debt brought forward by the United States’s education system.

So with terror and fright, we welcome you to this year’s Halloween issue… Student Loans.

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Spring Issue 2021 is in PRINT!

Spring Issue 2021 is here — in PRINT!

We have no words to describe our excitement…but here are a few.

After multiple workshops, lots of editing, too many Google forms, a discussion about beans, another annual contest, and a deep cut to our budget, it’s finally here! Spring Issue 2021! Access it right here on our website, or if you’re a staff member, be reading to pick up a copy soon!

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter — we have an inherent responsibility as a literary magazine to advocate for justice and hold those in power accountable; as the late James Baldwin once said in regards to being a writer, “I consider that I have many responsibilities, but none greater than this: to last, as Hemingway says, and get my work done.”

Through literatures we expose the injustice, the suffering, and the inequality in the society. We must take our stance and do the same in the society we live in.

We stand against racism.

We stand with you.

Our heart goes out to all the communities and areas affected by police brutality, and we encourage you to use your incredible writing and art skills for reform. Send letters to your CA representatives (Ro Khanna and Dianne Feinstein), message your relatives and friends to address the subject, and write to express yourself. Activism is more then just protests and we know that each of you is capable of making a small ripple to shift the tide of the times. For more ways to get involved, visit blacklivesmatter.carrd.co.

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