It’s almost insane—we’ve survived a full year in-person. There were a little blips here and there, but we made it! And to celebrate, we’re releasing Vertigo’s yearly flagship issue, the Spring issue, to the wesite.

After our full production cycle and distribution since 2019, you might have seen the print issue floating around. If you didn’t get an opportunity to grab one for yourself, have no fear! Enjoy it right here, at lhsvertigo.com/aliferous!

Lastly, Vertigo would like to thank the class of 2022 for bringing their wonderful spirit to the club. Our 2021-2022 officer team planned our first in-person open mic, grew Vertigo through numerous socials, and expanded our reach to selling handmade cards for Craft Faire. Congratulations 2022 for graduating; you’re going to do great things!

Look out for our summer issue in the coming weeks. We wish you all the best <3

(Cover art: Joy Song)

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