Matthew Lu

Parents are kin.
Siblings are kin.
Halloween is pumpkin.
But pumpkins are still kin.

October 1st
The Squishy Squashy Pumpkin Patch opened for its first day. Plenty of people rushed in, with hopes of
finding the perfect pumpkin. All of us sat there, hoping to be picked by someone, so we could go become
the greatest jack-o-lantern. Or at least, that’s the legacy Uncle Jack left us. We all knew it since the
moment we were planted that we were meant to become jack-o-lanterns like Uncle Jack.
It’s kind of weird to think about, since we all grew up in the same garden. Ever since I was just a
pumpkin seed, I’ve been with Jacob, Jeremy, Jill, John, and Junie. Even though we would be separated, I
still think that each of us is excited to go find our new home. And you can’t really separate us pumpkins;
we are connected by the seeds we grew from.
Today, Jacob and Jill were chosen immediately. That was expected of course, since they are the most
perfect pumpkins anyone has ever seen. Their weight, size, shape, is everything a pumpkin could ever
hope to be. I’m sure they’ve found a great home, and I’m so happy for them. I’ll miss them a bit though,
but they definitely deserved to be chosen so quickly. At least I still have Jeremy and John and Junie to
keep me company.

October 13th
It’s been a while since someone chose another one of us. These past few days, we saw all the pumpkins
around us slowly disappearing, and we could only hope that we would one day be like them. I’m sure all
of us could sense the pure glee a pumpkin emitted when they were chosen.
Jeremy isn’t as flawless as Jacob or Jill, but his stem was better than theirs. His had a nice curve, and it
was cut off at the perfect length. John is on the larger side, but also had a really nice, round shape. Junie
on the other hand, is the smallest pumpkin you’ve ever seen. Her small size is what makes her unique,
just like Jeremy’s pretty stem and John’s bulky body.
And of course, Jeremy was off to his new home. After many of these other pumpkins were picked off,
Jeremy definitely stood out as one of the best ones left in the patch. It was just a matter of time until he
was chosen, and today, his day was here.                                                                                                                        And of course, John was off to his new home. I’m not too sure about what that man said about making
him into a pumpkin spice latte, but that sounds almost as good as becoming a jack-o-lantern.
And now, it’s just me and Junie.

October 25th
Well, there goes Junie. There was a little girl who adored her small size, and I’m glad that Junie found
someone who fits her. She might not become the mightiest jack-o-lantern, but she will still be a very cute
And now, I’m alone.

October 30th
It’s the last day, but I’m still here. All the other pumpkins are gone, but I’m still here. There really haven’t
been any customers in the past few days.
Does no one want to bring me to their home?
Am I just, going to be here?

October 31st
It’s Halloween, and I’m the only one left at Squishy Squashy Pumpkin Patch. It’s Halloween, but I don’t
have a face. It’s Halloween, and I don’t have a home.
Faintly, I can see the glows of jack-o-lanterns from far away.