It’s that time of year again!

It's that time of year again!

Elizabeth Cheng

It’s that time of year again,
a month of freedom and fun!
Let’s let loose and enjoy ourselves
before this special time is done!

We can roam the streets,
free and wild,
or be a cool character
for our inner child.

But most importantly,
we must remember
how special this time is—
the time of October.

Now is when
we can knock on doors,
and greet all with a spirit that’s
fun, spooky and more!

So we get the sweets
in our hand
and go through the words
before remembering our plan.

We smile and say thank you
‘cause it’s no more than a visit
but we need to get inside
for just a bit of unfinished business.

Because in our grasp
is not a bag but a dagger,
wait—for what? you ask
‘cause that sounds like a bad matter.

It’s a gift for our niece,
just a carving contest!
There’s no need to worry
about a weak little nest.

Anyways, that’s not what we came for,
so let’s go back to our focus.
What we wanted to say is,
we came for a taste,
one better than crocus.

A taste? What do you mean?
Like sweets? Or some lollies?
I’ve got some here
that are wonderfully jolly!

Oh, no, no,
That’s not our intention.
But what we do want to see is…
ah, we forgot to mention!

What we do want to see
is the skin on your back
stretched tight against raw flesh,
And rotting to black.

We want to feel the blood
ooze and sputter,
Flowing and flowing,
Down the drain and the gutter.

We want to pierce through
layers of muscle,
and pull the knife out
to see the blood gleaming like so.

We want to rip the bones,
and the veins and the flesh,
till all is gone
in a state of distress.

To be drowned in a pool
of delicious ruby red,
oh, my, oh my,
We can’t wait to be fed!

We want to burst into your brain
then hack, tear and pull
to infuse ourselves with your carcass
until we are full!