Goodbye, Miss Bright

Goodbye, Miss Bright

By Riya Abiram

I paced the corridors

Deep in thought

Of a new twist or turn

My readers achingly sought


I was therefore delighted

When she approached me one night

So vibrant and lively

I would call her Miss Bright


Every time we would meet

I would say the same line:

“Hello, Miss Bright”

“You make my world shine”


I wrote chapters and chapters

Of how Miss Bright made me feel

With a never-ending spirit

Full of life and zeal


But my love soon wore out

She wasn’t enough

My readers were bored

Of her frills and her fluff


I continued to meet her

Yet something had changed

Every smile left me vexed

Each laugh, deranged


A constant reminder

That I needed something new

And I built a resentment

I couldn’t subdue


The desperation inside me

Turned to steely resolve

I knew it was the only way 

To keep my readers involved


I knew what to do 

I would time it just right

Pull a knife from my pocket

For when no one was in sight


I waited for midnight, 

I brandished my knife

I built up my courage

And timed it just right


She would kick and would scream

But I would not mind

Goodbye, Miss Bright

You made my world shine