Instructions from the Photographer

Instructions from the Photographer

Charlotta Dai

Smile for the picture. 

Blind them with your 

Stark white teeth and glimmering eyes 

and keep your canines hidden. 

Plaster your face with 

Glitter, shining, glimmering– 

Makeup, brighten your face with 

Shining, glimmering glitter 

The camera needs light 

To shine through 

Not dim, dull you. 

Cover, smother 

No blemishes 

No being human, being raw 

all you, no other. 

It doesn’t look good on you 

Being human. 

Smile for the camera 

And the light that makes 

Your teeth glint. 

Bare your canines 

Smudge the expensive 

Lipstick; dirty the face 

You have. 

You can wear 

Your teeth sharp. 

Just remember to 

Bite down 

And wear your blood 


Like lipstick.