rise and fall

rise and fall

Ria Chaudhary | Art by Joy Song

hi, it’s me again. i know you missed me. 

   last night I had the strangest dream. it was about this person, my favorite person (it’s

  you!) you were so beautiful—much prettier than right now—

   i’m kidding! i’m kidding—but seriously, it was incredible. 

   they say distance makes the heart grow fonder,

   and all i’ve been doing is falling deeper. 

   cloud nine is you and me, and believe me, 

   we were floating, you were talking, and i should have been listening, i know

   but it was so much to take in, and loving you comes easier than thinking—you know me. 

   and your hand was warm in mine. 

   much warmer than now—i know, you can’t do anything 

   about how cold and dark the night is—

   but you lit me up from inside. 

   we rose together. 

   i held on tight so i wouldn’t fall,

   just like our first date under the bleachers

   or on top of mission peak

   or when you asked me if i loved you. 

i could never say no to you. 

   even now,

   you lift me up from below

   last night you asked me to stay with you, but i was already drifting awake—

  drifting away—

  so i gripped onto your hand—

  i fought so hard to stay with you, i promise—

  but i’m here. 


  with you again. 


  so i bought you these flowers, 

  so you can know i love you still. 

  quiet and far away 

  (i know, i know)

i love you still

  and i’ll do anything to stay by your side. 


dreams come true with you. 

  i told you,

  (hidden under bleachers)

  when we were fourteen

  (hidden under my feet)

  that if i was there you’d never be alone. 

  (six feet is too far.)

lift me up again—


you know i missed you. 

  you were always right—

  i’m the only one who can turn dreams into reality.

  no more drifting,

  no more falling. 


today i’m floating. 


i’ll see you tonight?

it’s a date.