passing peach pits

by Chris Wang
Art by Christine Cheng
Issue: Aphelion (Spring 2016)

sometimes people ask you yellow or white
and you say
yellow obviously
yellow peaches perfect
blend of sweet and tang
juicy yet not messy
grown in far-off orchards in china
or somewhere
in asia
when you see that deep red blush
all you want is that
beautiful yellow peach
you can
roast it sear it slice it toss it into
smoothies cookies yogurts ice cream
pies cobblers pastries cakes or just
eat it sweet drizzling syrup out of hand yes
peaches can
satisfy any one of your desires
no questions asked
just pick one since they
are all the same anyways but still
all the same good and
grind yellow flesh
under pearly whites
and people say yellow peaches can take more
so they stand firm
even if you squeeze them a little
too hard
but every good thing comes to an end
and you realize that as you
pop that last morsel into your mouth
lick those sticky fingers clean
abandon those ravaged remains
but you don’t worry
there are plenty more