Sophia Cho — owhUO!J@!!&#(?@HNjk

keyboard smashing is an art
because you have your classic:

but see, that really shows no effort at all
4/7 rating
wheres the variety, uk?
the ~ spice ~

many people will try to throw some numbers in there
for a little kick:
idiot sandwich
3/7 rating
idiot sandwich
(tee hee)

there’s something about numbers that takes away
the incomprehensible panic
of a keyboard smash
feels passive, yfm?
OH- like a username
yeah that’s what it is

so the secret is punctuation
special characters
caps lock, even
go nuts, babeygirl !!!


now that is a proper keyboard homicide
7/7 no doubt about it
its beautiful
the chaos and panic
a little face in it and everything
its like a crime scene, u know?
oh wait:
Italics??? bold?????


hm, maybe i overdid it
no matter
i hope u learned smth
byeueeeeeeeioru9hEUYRH&(M#P)DCU( THQ)*@$( *$T@#UTC)$ XIOQKLFJSGJoHFUehuehwagjora