Winter of a Superpower

Winter of a Superpower

Bobby Ma

It is Winter in the Giant’s land,

it is a dark world whiter than snow.

There is nothing left,

absolutely nothing, except the Giant.


Before, the land was the most prosperous of them all.

The trees had a wealth of green dangling top to bottom.

Life teamed in the forest,

and the animals were as plentiful as the sands of a beach.


At the heart of the land was the Giant.

It sweated in the fields for the life of his land

and also built the myriad of roads and bridges

that joined everything under him.


Seeing how much the Giant’s land had flourished,

the jealous Midgets of the neighboring lands grew fearful.

They knew, however, that the Giant was too powerful to stand up against

so unwillingly submitted under the Giant’s authority.


But in time, the Giant became a sloth

and squandered all his wealth.

He just sat there like a rock on the ground

and neglected to build protection from the winter for his land.


Then the snow started to fall

and the land became a cold hell

for the temperature had plummeted

and all life in his land said goodbye or died a cold death.


Having seen the turmoil,

the jealous midgets of the neighboring lands

saw the opportunity

and came and stole what was left from the Giant.


The once mighty trees were cut down for lumber,

the grand rivers emptied,

and the bold Midgets went directly to the Giant’s palace

and tore it down to the ground.



Now, there is nothing left,

absolutely nothing, except the Giant.

But one day, it will be Spring,

and a new Giant will rise.


Winter, however, will surely come again.

It always does.