(Borrowed Love)

(Borrowed Love)

William Zong

Love, Untitled

[            I.

    The surge [ returns by 

          [   the darkness of dime-

store sun,            my lost mind

swallowed by the waves.      [

My mouth adjourns;        with 

[            the gatekeeper gone, 

the fireflies           [ arrive 

              on monologue trains.

So I            ] thieve     faded 

          paper and light from 

the moon,    ]   the black ink

bewitching the sun.

The moon is my mind’s

          master; ]            I turn off 

and on,   ] cursing         my 

          volume of the tides. ]



I’m hiding under the table


     that I’d step out but I don’t.

The warm water keeps rising 


I’m starting to drown——I’ll

                         never; I won’t

          step down from my

mind’s cathedral.            [

          Take your time 

        to grab me by the throat.




Just like the seed I wait to

          grow, moistened

in the cold     darkness of dew.

How much I want to live 

      and love like 

          every    day    is    my

                                 last. [ Yet to

live there must be something

                    left to love. ]

Open the gate;

                  I could care for you.



My arms are open

                              for you now,

     waiting for the river to turn.

[ Anywhere 

          it goes, I will come

too ]——There is nothing

                                  of concern

       in this world of adaptation.

Open my mind and let me



Who would’ve known

              that the World had a

magical sensibility?           You’ll

amaze yourself [ half-awake



                     me. Like a spool

of thread I unravel to be lost.

              You’re no God; 

                       I am but a fool.


To me here             in my chest

    the fly calls run         [ endless

    above winter’s wonder laid,

hidden ]     in a hidden place.

      There lies the sensibility,

[         deserts of vast eternity.

No fate, world can turn it dark

]      when nature sings in lark.

I look at you;

                            you look at me.

       We laughcry until our eyes

fill the ocean around our love.

How small paradise is to be




      [     be the closest we 

      can get,       sole to sole

                  boko-maru style

            better than any      ]



      Follow me to the line, 

      hand in hand, to claim

                       every field, every

mountain, every river, every

wandering                  [ every ]

            soul——Each and every


      [       united in peace      ]

shall be saved.

      My life becomes my reverie.


But, now[ Reverie be blessed,

                  a dream cannot self-

            sustain in harsh reality. ]

our world is dying 

                    [ that much is true ] 

and you and I are

all dying too.         [ The grass is

            brown and the seas are

                                    bloodred. ]

Can you hear its cries? 

                                    [ They fill

            my mind

every day and night. ]

Our world is dying. 

            [ Then, now for eternity

            ’s sake we shall join our

            hands one last time and

enter               the gate inside. ]


Let me live in your eyes,

                                 [ unbiased

by desire ] basked in a beauty

greater than Life: 

            the key to every

open door. I’m so lonely

                        to be this full 

      and so lost to be this whole.

Take I for eye; 

                            undo me to me.


      You promised

I was the one who was crazy,

[       ever number tallied      for

a score, every body

            you ran over

                              for a game ]

      ——I swear that you swore

to never

      leave me in the dark alone

I’ll listen to you

                        just once more.




to making me happy and we

      can be stronger than ever.

                  [ I know you 

      loved before I met you

      but forget. ] Pull the lever

and open an old lover’s chest.

      You had it before; 

                              but I never.