Flora Huang | Art by Catherine Li

Mirages are the dreams of 

an earthly wanderer, who journeys 

through time and space alone, 

appearing only when the sun has set for the day.


The wanderer chases this vision, undeterred 

by its elusive nature,

guided solely through the 

illusions ahead.


Through the overcast night the wanderer 

journeys on, grasping 

the imaginary rays of light 

in this dream. 


Wistfully absent from reality, 

you follow the 

horizon, longing for a 

final destination, one fanciful and 

never attainable. 


You reach for the 

edge of the world, where the 

overcasting clouds of 

your paths begin from misty 

distortions of reality. 


The images dissipate 

under your touch

edging away, sifting through 

mortal fingers, drifting 

back towards the skyline. 


As wanderers ourselves, we realize

the horizon is 

a mirage, ephemeral and cursory

in the face of the journey of 

our lives