Atrocity: a Collection of Poems

Grace Huang & Julia Wang

1. pig



that’s the noise pigs make.


but it’s strange because I don’t make that noise.


although I like to say it.


just for fun.


2. frog


why do I have webbed feet?

well. I can’t really answer that.

I think I’m part frog.

but DNA tests for amphibians don’t exist yet

so that question will remain unanswered

for now.

3. king


a crown atop my head

and a robe around my shoulders.

but being royalty isn’t everything it’s cracked up

to be

because being king

is all about being popular

and I’m not popular.

4. chicken drumsticks


I drown my sorrows by eating chicken drumsticks.

it’s just what I do.

even now,

I’m thinking about them.

5. uwu


people think it’s trendy to say uwu

but that’s dumb.

but I want to be trendy


so I say uwu.