Electric Boogaloo

Infinity and Infinite

Grace Huang & Julia Wang

They said to the stars and beyond, but does that make any sense? I mean, if you really think about it, space is infinitely large so there’s nothing past the stars because if space is infinitely large then the stars would also continue on for infinity and


isn’t infinity supposed to be a number? Yes, I know there’s a difference between infinity and infinite but why does Buzz Lightyear say to “infinity and beyond” instead of “to infinite space and beyond”? That doesn’t make any sense. Infinity’s supposed to be a number, and infinite is supposed to talk about the possibilities of something happening and


is it really true that there are an infinite number of alternate universes? How in the world are we supposed to keep living, then, if we know that alternate versions of our world exist where one thing changes and suddenly we’re living a completely different life? We could be living a much better life and


does that mean that alternate versions of me exist? Dang, I wish I was living that life. If there’s an alternative version of myself that doesn’t have to do anything, I’d gladly live that life. But then, on the flipside, that probably means there’s some version of me that’s dumb as a box of rocks, huh? She’s probably the kind of girl that stares off into space in the middle of class and wonders what the hell the meaning of “to the stars and beyond” means and


maybe I was the fool all along.