Nancy’s Sugar High

Nancy's Sugar High

Pranav Mishra & Allison Li

A single sweet could do no harm?

Said Nancy’s mum unsurely,

Unconsciously, she made this choice 

A tad bit prematurely.


Hence Nancy grabbed the sugared thing

So sprightly and obscenely pink,

Under the sweet confection’s spell

She dove into the kitchen sink.


I do quite like this hot tub, Mum!

It lathers up quite nice!

They have some great food service too

There’s floating beans and rice!


Then Nancy cartwheeled out the sink

(Sopping, flecked with beans and all)

She galloped past the neighbor’s door

And barged into the hall.


Hello, Ms. Andrews! Howdy do?

Your warts do make me stare,

My father has some pimple cream

I’m sure he’d love to share!


Then Nancy turned more somersaults 

Into a field of flowers pink

And at each drooping, sullen stalk

Nancy began to wink.


Hello there handsome! Howdy do?

Ain’t seen a plant as suave as you!

These fibrous roots be so exquisite

Promise me you’ll come and visit?


But Nancy’s mum came marching past!

Young missy, I’ve just had enough!

As for those nasty pinky sweets,

You’ll never get to have the stuff!


And now resentful of all candy

Her mum became a bitter cynic —

To avenge her daughter’s sugar spree,


She started a dental clinic.