On Worms

On Worms

William Huang & Amanda Zhu

Worms without germs


When one worm sneezed

These worms squirmed

‘Cause these worms are truly

The worms without germs


These worms are not

Your average peasant

Dignified fur

Not hair; that’s unpleasant


Stare at the glory

Get lost in their eyes

Come clean, you should’ve quarantined

Confess your dirty lies


Their bird mask nose is

A message reinforced

Don’t let it come to

A virus task force


Did their fuzz make you warm

Make your eyes go wide

How’d they do it? Their advice:

Stay inside

Even worms have hygiene

They flattened the curve

What’s at stake here?

Only civilization to preserve


These worms self-isolate

To stop the growth rate long-term

Not all heroes wear capes


Like these worms without germs