Akshara Taraniganty — triagnle


akshara taraniganty

authors note typos/misspeleings are not intentioenal but i do not care enough to correct them <3

hi lol
i am so cool.
i am writing words
the words are forming a
triangle which is so valid tbh.
when i was in first grade my teacher
asked the class how to spell triangle and
i was the only one who got it right and then i
won my school’s spelling bee which was literally so
cool but then i devolved and now i litearlly question every
time i write down the word “necessary” like am i missing smth?
keeping up this triangle shape is really hard. anyway how are you tdy?
i’m doing alright. school is tough but of course it is. we have been in person
for so long now. i am going to start the Waning Process of the triangle.
here are some life lessons. take hard classes and join clubs its
ok. switch from prose to poetry it’s a big leap but it’s so
worth it. always reach out to people when you need
help. you are not a burden to anyone and your
feelings are valid. when i was younger i
was too caught up in my own head
when in reality the beauty of
this world is the places
and people around
you. amen qed.