Riya Abiram — swiper swiping!


She looked outside, and there it was— a purple hot air balloon with ribbons.

She watched in horror as it smiled, creating a balloon animal of a dog and placing it in her hands.

Inside its lifeless cavity, she found the scariest horror of all—a B+ on her calculus test.

She decided to take a stroll to the museum to better understand her new home, and couldn’t believe it when she saw a 20 foot tall Big Bird glaring down at her.

She liked sardines more, so she headed down to the fisherman’s wharf to catch a big blue beluga whale.

“I like cheese too!” They scampered down to their local atm to pick up some cheesy dough.

“Swiper no swiping! We should’ve left you back in Georgia! We know you prefer the geeks at GeorgiaTech.”

Sid the Sloth extended his paw out, but to their surprise it was actually a ukulele begging to be played.

The bee screamed back at them, “I JUST WANTED TO BE A PART OF THE EXPERIENCE! How dare you sneeze me out.”

As she swelled, her brain walked out of her body and watched in terror—Melinda had never been so frightened.

Note: read in conjunction with “(no)” this might make sense (it still wont). alternate sentences, starting with “(no)”.