eggs, not quite sunny side up

eggs, not quite sunny side up

Elizabeth Cheng | Art by Christy Yu

eggs, the pocket full o’ protein

a fat bomb,

you could say

d’you get ‘em from amazon yet? 

just an extra three dozen 

and five more

‘cause we fry nine at a time 

eggs, just between classes

two fried, high heat

not too much oil,

wait, that’s too little

make it hot, hot

and hotter

so the whites can 

bubble, crack and crisp

while the fat

glistens and shines

but the liquid gold maintains itself


flowy like a river of happiness

eggs, actually sunny side up

the sun and the moon

crystals of salt and the blackest pepper you can find

liquid if there’s bread

and jammy if we’re alone


we’re never alone so just 

leave it streamy,


eggs, overcooked again?

there’s no salt either, or, er,

could you pass me the hot sauce?

and i need a spoon

for the avoca—

hold on, a knife, too

plus a fork to bring it all together

wait, what are we bringing together again?

could i just, um, please

have some eggs,

not quite sunny side up?