la lune

la lune

Ria Chaudhary | Art by Christy Yu

I stand to lose nothing.
I stand unsteady,
head in the clouds,

clouded mouths-
what do I gain

when I come back down?
you are light,
your feet barely touch
the scale of judgement
bright in the dark
while I am anchored,
heavy, unsteady,
nothing to gain.
you are a painter,

you show me the sky-
dusk and dawn

alone in my car
I rise to you,

pain obscured in paint-
celestial bodies.

the solar eclipse is a goalie,
making sure I miss
the goal,
my goal
to be with you all the time.
I stand at the beach
and you bring me water
from wherever you went
and wherever you are.
you are heavenly,
head in the clouds,
my man on the moon,
pulling me up

against the pull of the earth.
even you cannot overturn a ship’s anchor.
what do I stand to lose,
if I cannot sit by you?