Matthew Lu | Art by Grace Lu

we’ll be together forever, right?


since forever,

i’ve wanted

to reach the stars,

with you.


we walk on, facing

the sky with stars.

the light shines,

on our faces. are we the 

center of the world?


the usual sky,

the usual stars,

will we go there? 

or will it come to me



a slip.


you can’t, you won’t,

you must not drift away,

you must not float away.

for this dream i cannot

realize alone.


we’ll be together forever, right?


if i reach out

arm extended,

will you ever

come back?


if i follow you

with a finger, tracing

you down, 

will you


just maybe,

come back?

if i call from far away, 

will you 

hear me?


we’ll be together forever, 



i yell, i scream, but

you are not here.


my tears say, 

there is another world 

to be discovered. but

you are not here.



won’t you?


wish upon a star and

your wish might just come



god, those stars are so full of crap.