The Wiggowampus Race (wig-o-wáhm-pus)

The Wiggowampus Race (wig-o-wáhm-pus)

Loren Yelluas | Art by Audrey Wong

The Wiggowampus Race (wig-o-wáhm-pus)
I met a spaceman you know,
he was a pretty rad guy
He had eyes made of glitter
And he knew how to fly
He took my hand and flew me up into space,
He took me to see the Wiggowampus Race
which is of course, the race of Wiggowampi
otherwise known as the stars of the sky

Amoebas and Plankton and Martians and Beasts
From parallel worlds of south west and east
Don their frilliest hats
And their laciest capes
Travel light years away
to Wiggowampus Race

A magical feat transpires in there
That stadium decked in ribbons and flair
The stars do come out
every trillion years
to see of them all who can face their own fears

“Spaceman, Oh Spaceman, how can stars be afraid?”
“Well, to understand that
we must know how they’re made:
It all starts in a shimmering cloud of dust
Though a beautiful sight, it eventually must
Explode in itself and collapse from within
Creation, Destruction
Neither good nor sin
A cataclysmic event:
The birth of Wiggowampi
(otherwise known as the stars of the sky)

They’re born in chaos
They live in fear
Hiding in dark
Til today they appear
In their truest forms
Not pinpricks of light
Today they perform
In the broad daylight
Naked Exposed
Raw Uncomposed
Flaming and Burning and Crying they sing
Throughout the cosmos their birth cry rings
Space has no air
and still they burn
It may be just one day
only till they unlearn
the quivering fear decaying their hearts
Only then may the reign of Wiggowampi start.”

We got to our seats and the room filled with gold
Trumpets blared
Twas about to unfold
Arms filled with concessions
that the brasserie sold
I had one more question
to the spaceman I told
“A grand story that is, my oh my,
but dearest spaceman,
why such a name as ‘Wiggowampi’?
doesn’t seem fitting for our lights of the sky.”
he lifted his chin and slowly smiled
“Why, those lights of the sky
are neither yours nor mine
In their own right, they are Wiggowampi”