by Kai Tsao
Art by Amanda Zhu
Issue: Ataraxia (Spring 2018)

A wrecked and fiery Malaysia MH370 crashes into a transistor radio.

duration 5:34.

dad, listen to me.
i want to be myself and make my own
decisions now
i’m old enough

departs 0041.

hold my hand dear, please don’t
let go!.2.#
i promise to love you
we’ll live on

@/*//final!!! ACARS message recorded 0106.

kai, i’ve raised you for sixteen years and
i always thought you deserved to be
and when you found love
i was happy too
but dad is –2’’/ str&~ssed and i
can’t sleep well knowing you’re sad
(tears stream down both of our faces now.)

mi@!!$2&(( ^^@$R showed &H!]0 turning suddenly southwest 0122.

why are you going this way?
why do you cry like this, son?
you’re growing darker and darker and slowly
we’re b&@1ecoming afrai!!d of you
but mom an*d dad% are alw$^ays here fo*@))r you…

heading tow^*@ard wayp#@1!! MEKAR 0202.

W#!2E lov@&7 y1!@(#*$ou, k*#&1)i…

The military radar return for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared abruptly at 0222, 10 nautical miles past waypoint MEKAR.

i am not gone, just lost… please don’t stop searching for me.