by Kimberly Tan
Art by James Kao
Issue: Audeamus (Winter 2011)

iridescent tassels
erupt in the cloaked sky,
gliding down
the inky black shadows,
reappearing in flickering waves,
illuminating seas of captivated faces.

with hair like summer’s wheat,
her presence is a mere silhouette
in the perpetual tide,
the lingering scent of color
barely slipping from her trembling hands—
instead she tastes the sharpness
of the crisp autumn night,
feels the fireworks crackling
(as if under her fingertips)

and as her irises swirl
with the radiance
that eludes her milky eyes,
her senses
in a frenzy of sounds, tastes, and emotions
igniting within her
what had been black
and cold for so long.

A person stands in place, with mild bemusement, while flowers and branches grow out of her hair.