Waiting Winter

by Emily Su
Issue: Elysium (Spring 2012)

In an ocean,
shoulder deep,
you waited.

Your heart’s shudder
drowns in the murmuring waves
and you, with your graying patience,
into warm waters.

The taste of white air
has always been
your buoy
as you resurface
and sink, resurface
then sink.
You are one with the tide, gasping
arctic, foggy breaths
for a sign.

At last, the pearl
finds its way into your palms.
It splits
open into the waves
your eyes gleaming as the sounds,
the sea freeze over,
as the endless waters
until all is ice.
You blink and then

the arms of winter greet you
envelop you in a long lost embrace,
and somehow, you feel
it’s time,
time to fly the white flag
and let winter finally
take you home.