by Krysalyn Satriya
Art by Caroline Wang
Issue: Nostos (Winter 2019)

he was a shaking, trembling little leaf.

why had she left him?

where had she gone?

on and on and on he ran… 

a ringing cry echoed across the ones he’d lost

as he shuffled on through blanched darkness

his mind screamed:

what would <be>[come] of h[im] when all <hopeful>ness was [lost!]?

his feet caught in a mire

and its sputtering jaws clamped upon him

he could not wrench himself free from its greedy grip

the water’s tongue licked shadows in the deep

his ears nose eyes head 

water feasted upon them all,

welling up inside him

until they existed as only one 

and then the smoky mist exhaled into the sky.




the vapor, lighter and higher, continues past the world

color blooms with the scent of lavender 

on the tip of a tongue.

a flutter of silky sheer wings whisk away fears

and tears

glittering cotton clouds dance with unknown fervor.

a song of a thousand stories

and a rhythm of a million spirits

declare a warm choir of reverberating voices.

and then—


he sees her

roses and rosebuds upon her figure

radiating a rapture of light

he runs to her,

her arms outstretched,

breathing in the familiar fragrance of her essence

hope came in the form of a brilliant star, the sun

and the lost little boy, the trembling leaf,

arms chipped and worn,

is painted shiny and clean

found and founded anew;

because finally, finally, he is