by Jane Jun
Issue: Ricercari (Summer 2012)

I sang a song, sweet and sonorous
of lush grass and luminous green, pulsing with sugar and liquid life
I let the heart-tune catch the wind, vibrating with aching sincerity,
dreams rippling through canopies of fluttering gold
—then stood still.
I looked and saw I was standing on a clef of two oceans,
blue horses held in halt, sea-spray suspended in elegance
love and liberation, floating in question, hanging in time—
the beauty moved me. I felt an ache for the unmistakable gentility
held in the submission of suspended magic
a nudge, a quiet insistence
to orchestrate a tapestry of spirited capriccio and chords of dissonance
to bask in a moonlight sonnet, a dance in medley
to traverse through sorrow and solitude
to climb the roads to hidden towers
—I reach for the offered hand.