by Ria Chaudhary
Art by Cynthia Chang
Issue: Solivagant (Winter 2018)

comfort, solace,
the world stays quiet.
the air warm to the touch.
the rain tapping on the roof.
the moonlight soft through the windows.
calm, stillness-
you cannot move
for fear of disturbing
the fragile
the world is different at night.

the lines are blurred:
serenity or silence,
friend or foe,

outside, now,
empty roads and the crisp smell of nature.
where have the streetlights gone?
the lights up above are clearer today-
you look to the sky for guidance
the stars ask more questions than they answer.

you stay,
in the darkness-
alone, possibly,
heartbeat quickening,
looking the moon in the eye
as the rustling around you intensifies
and the air stifles you, closing around your throat.

has the world around you changed?
or have you?

stay still at nighttime;
that which is familiar
cannot be trusted.

Various buildings with external lights stick out within a scene of twilight mostly obscured by silhouette.